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Youth holistic skill development
  • Jabulani Trust has established and is maintaining a youth skill development center to serve the youth in the municipal areas of Mnambithi (Ladysmith), uKhahlamba (Bergville), Ndaka (Mhlumayo, Limehill Complex), and Msinga.

  • Our main partner is eThembeni (CMD Usizo Aids Trust serving as eThembeni) and their Transformer project. The Transformer project has a full time staff member and a teem of volunteers in each of these four areas. Their project is supervised by a professional social worker.

The Transformer Project’s aims are:

  • To visit schools with Scripture Union’s Life Skill Training over a ten weeks period, addressing healthy living.
  • To follow up this training period with a weekend camp at a site like Jabulani
  • To run a holiday club during school holidays after the first two phases of their intervention had been completed.
  • To make the holiday club a big community event, where the youth from the schools visited are invited to a weeklong time of fun and games and inspiration to healthy living.
  • Jabulani is assisting these interventions  by supplying a venue for  the weekend camps. During these camps the aim is to organize small group activities, with peer educators. This will include sport activities, fun and relationship building, counseling and facilitated learning activities.

In addition

  • The Trust will offer the Jabulani facilities for skills development of staff and volunteers.
  • Training individuals as change agents will take place at the facility.
  • Volunteers who are often unemployed youth who struggle to enter the labour market due to lack of skills, will serve a gap period of up to two years. During this period they will be equipped with skills to empower them for the labour market. Skills will include but is not limited to drivers’ licenses and basic IT skills, all to be conducted at Jabulani.

Already established infrastructure:

  • Soccer ground
  • Dam
  • Sleeping quarters fully equipped for 96 children, with water,water harvesting tanks, ablution, gas geysers, bunk beds, mattresses and bedding.
  • 6 Horses and sporting equipment were donated to the trust.
  • The local public school on the farm is available for weekend activities.
  • More than 800 indigenous trees were planted on the campsite.

Wish list for youth development program:

  • Establish 2 Beach Volley Ball courts with river sand
  • Establish a well planned endurance/activity course with poles and ropes.
  • Develop available horses in horse therapy facility for traumatized youth
  • Develop horse riding, hiking, paint ball, Quad Bike course to both accommodate corporate visitors and youth groups.
  • Establish small herd of “Blesbok” antelope on the facility, to give target group a self-sustained feel of being in contact with nature.
  • Establish a “Tumbler Pigeon” , Down Geese, and a “Roller singing Canary” breeding project, creating a financial self-sustained attraction to youth groups.
  • Establish food production for camp catering needs, developing  “Kurper” fish farming, soya, vegetable tunnel production, mushrooms cultivation and beekeeping.
  • Establish a picturesque thatch and natural stone chapel with vies over  the dam. This will create a much needed special place to be quiet, to pray and to contemplate.  Such a chapel will also be suitable for small weddings which will contribute funds towards self sustainability.
  • Permanently employ one of the youth facilitator as camp manager.