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Site development

Infrastructure already in place:

  • Pre-fabricated state of the art sleeping facility, with 24 rooms and 12 ablutions. Included is a well constructed septic tank, gas geysers, well functioning alarm system, borehole and rain harvested water supply of 20 000 litres of water.

There are 90 beds with bedding and sleeping bags, eating utensils and sports equipment.

  • 2 school classrooms.
  • Kitchen and lapa under construction.
  • Lecture room under construction.
  • Soccer field developed.
  • More than 800 indigenous trees already planted.
  • Stable of six horses acquired.
  • The free range unique “Boschveld” chicken breed egg production unit is functional.
  • Food garden on ‘’Foundations for Farming’’ principles being established.
  • Farm house rental income applied to subsidize running costs of water, electricity, maintenance and labour.

Wish list for site development

  • Complete the kitchen and lapa project.
  • Complete the construction of a lecture hall.
  • Renovate existing school classrooms.
  • Secure fencing.
  • Infrastructure for skills development: develop IT and drivers license training facility for youth volunteers involved as youth change agents.