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Jabulani News Letter



Sub Headings: Contact details / Objectives / Target groups / Action / Our dream / Partner / Friends.


  • CMD Usizo Aids Trust (eThembeni), a reliable, consistent community development structure in Ladysmith, affiliated to CMD KZN. www.ngkerk.org.za/kzn/dienswerk. Transformers, a youth change agent movement, under the wings of eThembeni
  • Umazisize, a women empowerment change agent, under the wings of eThembeni
  • Scripture Union KwaZulu-Natal, who network with eThembeni with the Transformer project.
  • Foundations for Farming, who trained women trainers for the Umazisize change agents www.foundationsforfarming.org/
  • ACAT, Ladysmith, who is assisting the Umazisize change agents. www.acatkzn.co.za
  • Healing of Memories training material is incorporated and available. www.healing-memories.org/