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Jabulani News Letter


Sub Headings: Contact details / Objectives / Target groups / Action / Our dream / Partner / Friends.

Who are we?

  • Jabulani Trust (IT 1142/2012/PMB) Registered with the master
  • Contact detail:

Address: PO Box 252, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 3370
Email: jabulani.on.the.edge@gmail.com
Tel: (+27) 083 785 6405

  • Physical location: GPS Coordinates: S 28 degrees 29.963’ E 29 degrees  52.935
  • From Ladysmith, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, take N11 towards Newcastle.
  • 10km from Ladysmith town centre, turn right on district road  D45 towards Nambithi Conservancy.
  • After 5 km on dirt road, just after crossing first cement bridge, turn right on farm road no. 86
  • Continue on farm road  for 1.5 km till the house is reached


Holistic, sustainable upliftment of the poor and needy in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa  through a
Christian-based education and training facility with focus on health, leadership, skills
development, food security, farming and market gardening.

Target groups:

  • Special focus is placed on:
  • Rural women, who often run single  parent households and form social support networks for vulnerable children in their extended families.
  • Youth and children who are often challenged by broken and incomplete family structures, lack of role models, moral education and discipline compromising a future healthy, mature, happy life style.  
  • Targeted geographical areas fall under the municipalities of uKhahlamba, Mnambithi, Ndaka and Msinga in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.


  • The Trust obtained a 40 ha farm and initiated the development of a training facility in loco.
  • Establishing infrastructure is in progress to meet the requirements of our vision.
  • We are engaged in sustainable fundraising for all the developmental and running costs. The facility is availed to non-government organizations that are in a partnership with the Trust. Such NGOs share the same values and dreams as the Trust and will hugely benefit from an accessible facility, affordable to poor communities.  

Our dream:

  • We dream  that the facility will be of superb quality, lush, beautiful, well developed, and well maintained, conveying the message to the target group: “You are worth it!”
  • We dream  that the target group will learn through experience that the land is a blessing from God and that she should be cultivated and cared for in a responsible way.
  • As the facility is secured from personal abuse and is fully managed by a discretionary trust, we dream that this will create a space for  an “altar” in the greater community, where offerings can be put down, knowing that it will be consumed in full to the glory of God and the betterment of human life
  • We dream that this will create a longstanding agent for change.
  • We dream that we will meet the  challenge of long term sustainability by creating a growing and creative Friends of Jabulani volunteer support group with varied expertise.
  • We dream that funding will also be generated from within, by fostering social entrepreneurial projects. The facility must eventually not be dependant on donors from outside.
  • We dream that a self-sustained engine will drive a superb, well functioning facility that can  act as role-model, dream catcher and inspiration to the target group, conveying the message: “You can change the world!”
  • The facility will not be a politically correct Black Empowerment/ White disempowerment project, but a prophetic voice for the future, encouraging racial and class co-operation and reconciliation within the new South Africa, stating boldly: “ We are one body, we are together!” and “Poverty is the concern of everybody”.
  • We acknowledge and accept this huge challenge within an ever increasing racial and class-segregated new South Africa.
  • Jabulani dreams of bringing rich and poor together to take hands in combating poverty, unemployment, and poverty-related issues like HIV infection, low skills development, and sub-optimal  access to health care.
  • We dream of addressing the social challenges in the rich communities (black and white), such as apathy, selfish self-expenditure, corruption, corrupted land politics and the withholding of skills and experience.
  • We dream of creating bridges  between the classes, exposing them to each other, and creating opportunities for open, honest communication and dialogue. The poor can learn a lot from the rich. The rich can learn a lot from the poor. The facility will create a space for this learning to take place.
  • We dream to include in our holistic  development programs a wide variety of personal skills learning including arts and culture.


  • CMD Usizo Aids Trust (eThembeni), a reliable, consistent community development structure in Ladysmith, affiliated to CMD KZN. www.ngkerk.org.za/kzn/dienswerk. Transformers, a youth change agent movement, under the wings of eThembeni
  • Umazisize, a women empowerment change agent, under the wings of eThembeni
  • Scripture Union KwaZulu-Natal, who network with eThembeni with the Transformer project.
  • Foundations for Farming, who trained women trainers for the Umazisize change agents www.foundationsforfarming.org/
  • ACAT, Ladysmith, who is assisting the Umazisize change agents. www.acatkzn.co.za
  • Healing of Memories training material is incorporated and available. www.healing-memories.org/

Friends of Jabulani Trust

  • Local business and the Ladysmith Rotary
  • Durban Overalls
  • Thukela AmaJuba Mzinyathi Christian Council
  • Caston Plant Hire
  • Paradise Gas
  • Transnet / Petronet
  • Lourens Elektries
  • NN Alarms
  • Ladysmith Siege Museum Trust
  • Carel Joubert
  • City Surfers (City Surfers Website and graphic design)
  • Barefoot Adventures