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Jabulani News Letter



Income generating projects


  • Social entrepreneurial projects are being established to generate sustainable income for the project:
  • Develop farm house into a guest house to increase income, making facility accessible to corporate leadership development.
  • Develop a Zulu traditional beehive “kraal” to give corporate groups and city youths a feeling of rural, traditional life. This will give substance to both the reconciliation and income generating dream.
  • Build a cottage with thatched roof as backpacker, overnight facility before entry into the nearby Nambithi Big Five Nature Reserve.
  • Boschveld chicken breed unit with free range egg production is functional.

Wish list for income generating projects

  • Establish a pecan nut orchard.
  • Establish freshwater fish production in the farm dam (Kurper, Blue Gill) for a fishing experience and protein production.
  • Establish a calf-raising project as income generation and food supply, also contributing towards creating a farm atmosphere.
  • Establish a small sheep feeding lot for income generation and food supply, again creating a farm atmosphere.
  • Establish a soya growing as well as a soya cooking and preparation project to role model low cost alternative protein production and utilization to target groups.
  • Develop the food garden to a high level of functionality.
  • Develop beekeeping.